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On Course Advisors (OCA) is the legal entity that holds what is commonly referred to as “The CRM Forum”. Both, previously owned by Tony Busacca, are now wholly owned by Thoth Advisory Services, LLC. under the direction of Hazem Gamal. Tony and Hazem were contemporaries at their respective Asset Management firms when they helped to found in the early 2000›s what has become commonly known as “The CRM Forum.”

Thoth Advisory Services, LLC
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DBA: On Course Advisors and The CRM Forum

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On Course Advisors — The CRM Forum

The CRM Forum is a nearly 20-year-old member-driven organization that operates meetings and conferences for asset management companies across financial services and industry related vendors. Services include planning and holding two state-side in-person conferences and one Euro-based event every year. In addition, up to ten online webinars and numerous conference calls driven by member requests and interest are held each year, among other services.

The Forum is designed and built around providing a wide variety of services and events that promote this intimate trust on behalf of its membership so that they can accelerate their exploration, consideration, decisioning and implementation of their individual firm strategies with the guidance of an extremely supportive network of help that can be relied upon in many ways.

The purpose of the Forum is to help its members accelerate their learning, understanding and capacity to more efficiently and effectively carry out their responsibilities and help their firm's deliver on their goals and objectives. It is targeted at individuals who support, or enable, the sales, marketing, operations and technology organizations of their firms. They tend to be senior decision makers and those with responsibility for implementation of their strategies down to team leads who are executing on their plans. The nearly 450 individual participants are typically members of the Sales, Marketing, Technology and Operations areas of the asset management firms. They rank from executive management down to implementation lead roles. The Forum is NOT designed for money managers, traders, analysts or others directly involved in managing money.



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