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Welcome to the CRM Forum

The CRM Forum began as an informal group of asset management companies based in the New York City area that were all implementing the Seibel CRM platform. As a way of accelerating their learning and avoiding similar mistakes, they met regularly to share their experiences and work on common needs. Over time, more companies began to join the group, participation extended to those in marketing, operations, and technology among others. Although initially focused on CRM implementations, and hence the former name “CRM Forum”, the breadth and depth of topics covered began to expand.

2008 marked a point when the group's reach and value within the industry began to grow rapidly. Under the leadership of Tony Busacca, The CRM Forum expanded from about 10 firms with less than 35 regular participating members to currently over 50 asset management firms and nearly a dozen vendor partners that have recently joined for a combined membership tally close to 500 in 2019

What distinguishes the Forum from other member-driven organizations and associations is the deep sense of common interests that are discussed in detail. One might rightly think that a group composed of competing firms would be very reluctant to share their ills and tout their successes. However, this organization has developed and nurtured a community of like-minded individuals who, despite their many varied roles and responsibilities, have established high degrees of trust among one another. This trust is driven by a common philosophy that it is nearly impossible to replicate exactly what anyone else has achieved but it is also very easy to avoid any mistakes that have been learned.


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