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On Course Advisors, a division of Aqueren Consulting offers a wide range of consulting services. Our typical project include: competitive intelligence, distribution and other business support for client relationship management (CRM).

Aqueren Consulting, LLC
DBA: On Course Advisors
211 Blackberry Way
Monroe, NJ 08831


On Course Advisors a CRM Advisory and Consulting Firm

Client Relationship Management continues to evolve. Business intelligence and client interactions throughout your company must come together to provide a high level of service within a competitive environment. CRM and Technology are often intertwined and possibly misunderstood as a result.

On Course Advisors provides advice and guidance to understand the separation between technology and CRM.

  • Technology is the tool and the application.
  • CRM is the process and the desired outcome.

On Course Advisors through the CRM Forum has since 2009 developed a membership roster of advisory and asset management companies for the expressed purpose of facilitating an exchange of information which will assist them in the implementation and management of their respective CRM deployments.